Chronicles of the Shadowfell

Adventure Notes from October 16, 2010

Entering the Pyramid of Shadows

Players Attending: Andrew (Merrik Silverspear, elf paladin of Corellon), Brandon (Boreale, dragonborn warlord), Greg (Krek, changling ranger), Mike (Mingsia, the human assassin)

Campaign Date: Barrakas 3, 992

Awakening in the Pyramid of Shadows, the group encounters the gatekeeper to the rest of the structure: Gurrak, a two-headed ettin with a pair of carrion crawler pets. After dispatching Gurrak, the group encounters the ettin’s trophy case, a antechamber filled with decapitated heads. One of the bags, however, spoke to the group.

After getting over some initiate hesitation, the group discovers a gem which identifies itself as Vyrellis: a diplomat originally sent by the eladrin kingdom of Ceireiandoril. She gives some basic details about Karavakos, the warden of the Pyramid of Shadows and his plans of escaping.

Heading south in the Pyramid, the group encounters a living forest occupied by deadly arboreans, plant-like demi-humans with a hatred for flesh-and-blood creatures. After dispatching the arboreans, the group encounters Adonis, a satyr with a love of riddles and rumors who exchanges information for a game of wits.

Going north per Adonis’s information, the group encounters a library filled with Eaters of Knowledge, undead minions of Vecna which destroy knowledge around them and secret it away to the God of Secrets. Also in the library, the group finds an unusual statue that Vyrellis claims was once her physical form…


First Encounter: Gurrak, Ettin Headtaker; 2 Carrion Crawlers
Minor Quest Complete: Rescue Vyrellis
Second Encounter: 2 Arborean Reapers; Arborean Watcher; Howling Hag; Dire Boar
Skill Encounter: Adonis’s Riddle
Third Encounter: 2 Eater of Knowledge Voidblades; 2 Eater of Knowledge Thoughtbows; Eater of Knowledge Mindstrike

XP Gained: - xp Total XP: -,— xp XP Till Next Level: ,— xp


The Head of Vyrellis

The Library of Whispers: Scroll of Consult Mystic Sages, Scroll of Raise Dead, Glass Vial with Residuum (500gp worth)



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