Chronicles of the Shadowfell

Adventure Notes from October 9, 2010

Fallcrest in Fear

Players Attending: Andrew (Merrik Silverspear, elf paladin of Corellon), Brandon (Boreale, dragonborn warlord), David (new character: Ranpu Dentro, human Avenger of Tyr), Greg (Krek, changling ranger), Jeff B (Anders, halfling cleric of Avandra), Jeff K (Thom, human fighter), Mike (new character: Mingsia, the human assassin)

Campaign Date: Barrakas 2, 992

When we last left our heroes, they’re returned to Fallcrest to find a dark object, the Pyramid of Shadows, hovering over the town. Cherabina left the group to head to the White Lotus Academy in an attempt to find out information about the Pyramid while the rest of the group surveyed the town. Splurg was sent to find a way into the Pyramid (and failed, only to be saved by Boreale’s spear).

After a run in with a group of bandits attempting to loot frightened townsfolk (Arturo the Dwarven Knife Fighter and the mages Voit and Magnus). The group defeated the bandits with the help of Mingsia and Ranpu Dentro. Magnus was captured and taken to the White Lotus Academy for punishment.

Cherubina discovered the purpose of the Pyramid of Shadow: a prison housing the failed and dishonored followers of Orcus. The mages of the Academy also informed the group of doomsayers and a cult to a Ram God (a thinly veiled pseudonym for Orcus) operating in Lower City where the looting and rioting was much worse.

After tracking down the head of the cult in Lower City’s cemetery (near Roselyn Green’s bakery), Oril a Death Priest of Orcus. With his defeat and the removal of doomsayers, the group helped stem the feeling of hopelessness in Lower City.

After returning to the White Lotus Academy, Cherabina reveals that she has developed a ritual to send the group to the Pyramid of Shadows, but with a chance of failure. The component necessary to send the group in is the summoning of their greatest fear. Merrik’s fear is hermaphroditic gnomes (nature’s ugliest creature), Boreale’s fear is those he helped turning against him (like Old Eilian’s threat to turn him into a draco-skin handbag), Ranpu’s fear is having direction, Thom’s fear is being kicked into a pit of death (a grave insult to his people), Ander’s fear is there not being any food, Mingsia’s fear is failing her Prince Haruko, and Krek’s fear is other people seeing his true form and knowing him.

After the ritual is complete, the group finds themselves in a daze laying a pit of dead bodies with a two-headed ettin staring down at them…

Other Important Events: Splurg was left in Fallcrest. The doomsayers were rounded up in Lower City. Cherabina has taken up residence at the White Lotus Academy while researching the Pyramid of Shadow. The Lord Warden was not consulted on the Pyramid of Shadows.


First Encounter: 8 Human Lackies; Arturo, Dwarf Knife Fighter; Voit, Human Hexer; Magnus, Tiefling Hexer
Minor Quest Complete: Arturo the Knife, Wanted: Dead or Alive
Skill Challenge: Track down the Head of the Death Cult
Second Encounter: 2 Tormented Souls; 3 Bonecrusher Skeletons
Third Encounter: Oril, Death Priest of Orcus; 3 Zombie Thrashers; 12 Reanimated Corpses
Minor Quest Complete: Behead the Death Cult

XP Gained: 872xp Total XP: 11,667xp XP Till Next Level: 1,333xp


From Father Rosh’s Stash: +2 Agile Scale Armor (claimed by Thom), +2 Feyslaughter Greatbow (claimed by Krek), King Spriggan’s Crown (as a Fey-Blessed Circlet; claimed by Anders), 3 Scrimshaw Statues (250gp each), and 500gp
Collected from Doomsayers and Cultists: 50 gp
From Oril’s Stash: +3 Imposter’s Layered Plate Armor (claimed by Merrik), 3 amethyst gems (100gp each), and 50gp



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