Chronicles of the Shadowfell

The Story Before

Our heroes have had a long, sorid career that all began in the little hamlet of Winterhaven. The original group (Wallace Pegason the Human Swordmage, Boreale the Dragonborn Warlord, Krek the Changeling Ranger, Toad the Halfling Rogue, Zol the Human Psion, and Cherubina Winedrinker the Gnome Artificer) were searching for Cherubina’s old teacher, Donavon Stand, who had not been since in three months since he visited Winterhaven.

Winterhaven Adventures

The heroes find Winterhaven afraid of the many threats surrounding them: to the south kobold raiders and hobgoblin slavers have been slaughtering or kidnapping farmers from the outlying city, causing the Lord Warden to order most of the remaining citizens inside the city walls.

With a little investigation, the group discovers a death cult active within the city lead by Bairwin, a local shop keep. The group breaks up a ritual in progress and claim the shop (thanks to Krek’s shapeshifting) as their own.

Following this, the group has a lead on the missing Donovan: he was last seen investigating a dragon grave west of the city near the foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks. Discovering Donovan’s dig site, the group finds a gnome leading the excavation. The gnome lies to the group about his involvement, but the group’s knowledge of Bairwin’s cult activity help them sniff it out. During the scuffle, the group first encounters a shadow of the real threat to Winterhaven: Kalarel, the Scion of Orcus.

After rescuing Donovan, the group is clued in on the bigger picture: Kalarel plans on marching an army of the undead into Winterhaven, converting them into more soldiers of the damned, and then repeating until he has control of the entire Nentir Vale. Not content to stand idly by, the group leads an assault upon Kalarel’s base of operations: Shadowfell Keep.

In the first basement level of the ruined keep, the group encounters a goblin prisoner: Splurg. After being caught winning too much from his compatriots, Splurg was set to be sacrificed to Orcus. After the group rescues Splurg, the goblin promises to be the group’s servant, guardian, and toady for the rest of his days.

Also on the first floor, the group encounters the ghost of Sir Keegan, the original lord of Shadowfell Keep. Though Keegan is trapped as a restless spirit until the Portal beneath Shadowfell Keep is opening and can not directly assist the group he does bequeath his sword, the tainted Aecris, to Wallace, a fellow follower of Bahamut. Additionally, he grants each of the party a token of Bahamut to help them in the final battle against Kalarel.

In the following floors, the group cuts swaths through Kalarel’s defends and minions. The group manages to dissolve an alliance between Kalarel and the hobgoblin slavers from Thunderspire.

Finally reaching the final sanctum of Shadowfell Keep, the group finds Kalarel in the midst of completing his ritual to bring an Avatar of Orcus in through the Shadowfell Portal. In a desperate final charge, Cherubina, Krek, Wallace, and Boreale defeat Kalarel and seal the portal. For now.

Following the adventure, the group finds they have inadvertently saved the mage Valthrun from Bairwin’s poisoning he’d been performing secretly for years. A long-time friend of Donovan, Valthrun sets up a ritual of transportation to take the party from Winterhaven back to their home and Donovan: Fallcrest.

Fallcrest Adventures

Finally returning to Fallcrest after their many weeks in Winterhaven, the group returns Donovan to his wife at the White Lotus Academy and decide to take the tokens of Bahamut to the House of the Sun, primarily a temple to Pelor, but with shrines to Bahamut and Kord as well.

Giving a few of the tokens to a priest, Father Morton, the temple gives the group a small donation and a blessing. However, not an hour after leaving the temple and attempting to set up lodging at the Silver Unicorn Inn, the group is approached by city guards over the murder of Father Morton.

After being brought before the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Lord Markelhay does not accuse the group with the murder but merely wants any information about the priest’s final moments. Finding the group of the righteous, straightforward sort, Lord Markelhay gives the group a warrant and deputizes them to find Father Morton’s murders.

After investigating the scene, the group follows the trail of the killer deep into the sewers of Fallcrest’s Upper City and found Troglodytes worshiping Orcus. After slaughtering them, the group recovers part of one of the tokens they gave to Father Morton and finds evidence of a death cult spreading in Fallcrest.

Upon hearing of the news, the Lord Warden leaves the case of Father Morton’s murder open indefinitely so that the group can attempt to stomp out the death cult without needlessly frightening the citizens of Fallcrest.

After a few weeks of restful investigation, the group acquires more members: Thom, the quirky foreign mercenary and Human Fighter; Anders, jolly and tricky Halfling Priest of Avandra; and Merrik Silverspear, unusual chef and Paladin of Corellon.

Accepting a small job from a poor baker in Lower City, the group investigates the disappearance of Roselyn Green’s daughter: Tes. After a kooky adventure involving a play about vampires, teenage girls and actors pretending to be vampires, and actual vampires, the group finds – in critical condition having lost a lot of blood. The group mercilessly dispatches the gypsy family that begun this entire fiasco and takes Tes to the House of the Sun to get healed and make sure she hasn’t contracted vampirism (she didn’t).

With no clues still, the annual Race of the Four Winds takes place and the group joins in on the madness, many of the group entering. The previous winner, Etheran son of the Baron of Therund, greets them and treats them to dinner and stories of previous races. Etheran also reveals that while in Winterhaven, the group inadvertently saved his cousin Delphina during the siege by the undead. He grants them several magic items including his personal hunting bow and magical keg of beer that refills every day. Etheran also states that the group will always be at home in the Barony of Therund.

After no luck getting any leads on the death cult, Father Morton’s successor Father Rosh, greets the party and gives them a clue, investigate the new drug Green Welcome that has become popular in Lower City. The group tracks down the largest buyer of the drug and the one who originally introduced the drug to the citizens of Lower City: Book.

After a strange conversation with the warforged that ends with the golem attacking the party, the warforged is succumb to then unknown side effect of the drug: mutation. Transforming first into a partially plant, after being slain, the warforged grows into a macabre tree of metal shards and mutated bark. Boreale claims the warforged’s spear, partially engulfed by the tree and empowered with the odd claiming mind magic the plant creature radiated.

Calling the priests of the House of the Sun down to the site, the group finds that many of the addicted to the drug are being drawn to the tree and mutating as they near it. The group holds the spot until the priests are able to arrive and cleanse the area with Pelor’s Holy Light. The situation worsens when the addicted begin transforming without the former-warforged tree’s prescience.

Now on a furious manhunt for all those transformed by Green Welcome, the group discovers the source of the drug attempt to ambush the dealer during a fake sale. What they first thought was a group of riverboat halflings instead are disguised spriggans. Once again following the trail into the sewers beneath Upper City, the group discovers an odd laboratory set for refining the Green Welcome from it’s base ingredient.

After destroying the lab, the group returns to the House of the Sun to find that Father Rosh has murdered Head Priest Grundelmar Gravelspit and fleed Fallcrest. Cherubina casts a ritual take leads the group north to the Witch Woods. There they find the abandoned Temple of the Black Sun, a heretical order of Pelor, guarded by Spriggan (with one calling himself King Spriggan). After defeating the Spriggans, the group finds Father Rosh in mid-casting of a ritual to raise Sehan, Primordial of Life.

Rosh’s crazy plan is to set Sehan, Primordial of Life to fight an eternal stalemate against Orcus, Primordial of Undeath, and plans to sacrifice all of the Nentir Vale to see it through. The group dispatches first Rosh’s elemental minions, and then the Father himself. With his finally breath, Rosh prophesies doom and the coming of Orcus to Fallcrest.

And it is here, where the current game notes begin…



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