Pyramid of Shadows

A mysterious, black pyramid currently hanging over Fallcrest.

(from various notes gathered by Cherubina Winedrinker)
Following the Dawn War, when Orcus ascended to Demon Lord status, he empowered a mortal as his general in the Mortal World. Though this man’s name is lost to history, his fate is not. After conquering what would eventually become Bael Turath, this general directed his demon army towards the Feywild. After never knowing defeat in the Mortal World, the army was soundly defeat in it’s first battle in the Feywild. The general slain by the mighty Fey Lords, would know Orcus’s full contempt for his failures.

While the Lord of Death was still reveling in his ascension, he decided this failure’s fate could not be as simple as True Death . Instead he crafted a prison that ate all hope and gave back only fear, and install him as both the main prisoner and warden. Though he has operation of all the Pyramid’s features, he is unable to escape. Since then, Orcus has used this prison, the Pyramid of Shadows, as his store house of malcontents and failures. Indeed, anyone Orcus has felt the need to suffer a fate worse than death he has sent to this extra-dimensional prison.

No one has ever escaped the Pyramid of Shadows, so an accurate description of the interior or prisoners sent to the Pyramid is impossible.

Pyramid of Shadows

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